Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Battle my own destiny , i struggle to survive , a grief misfortune from others bitterness, their great envy, who dared compel to crushed me , bruised till I barely lift my fingertips. I am glad still living, fighting till last of my breath, showing the big mocking GRIN on my face annoying that they won't topple me. I am genuinely happy.

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bandila said...

I feel that what you wrote here has full of energy and feelings which actually touched me. I hope that Philippine Culture will soon change into better and more realistic view of understanding towards our relatives who married expats and become a money order series.
Regarding the Gayuma, I would like to ask a favour if I could possibly get a help from you regarding that using pictures of name.

I hope that your blog will be seen by many so to inspire them and help them understand the life of Filipina women abroad. Thanks and Best regards to you.