Sunday, July 27, 2008

NBN/ZTE deal scam is it real?

The deal Scam gave a lot of trouble and headache to the highest ranking officials of the government including the President husband closest friend?? why did i bring up this subject again, it's been almost forgotten by many filipinos who made stuck their ears wanting to know the real score how the first family once again got involved in this big scandal business. But how many times they thoroughly compelled to dealt to cleaned up their stained names due to their power, money and great contacts with powerful elite of the society, they almost simply achieved what they wanted to erased their bad reputation. The Representatives of the Upper House did everything they could to pinned down the Culprits, they provides every indicated details of the evidence of the said questionable deal but seems the opponents were too smart and powerful to divert the real issues of the Great Scandal, Until the last witness of the NBN/ZTE deal (formerly attached to the government) appeared to the Senate and divulged everything he learned about the deal. I was Stunned, surprised and excited WHY? while the witness was in the hot seat query of the investigation he showed a picture broadcasted in the National Television a picture of one familiar face who was there also present in the said deal together with the son of the former Speaker of the Congress who also happened heard when the First Gentleman said " BACK OFF" referring to the son of the then Speaker of the Lower House of Representatives....No wonder, why this man in the picture is so rich. He is also closed to the first family? but i did'nt know how far he got involved in a lot of business deal?
Is it NBN/ZTE deal scam is real? i should leave this simple question to the readers. for me, i believe it's ???? .
WHY? because the man involved is

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