Saturday, August 9, 2008


In tilling the ground a laborer found a treasure, and carrying it home, said to his wife, " see! Heaven has sent us a fortune. But where can we conceal it ? " she suggested he should bury it under the floor, which he did accordingly. Soon after this the wife went out to fetch water, and the laborer reflected that his wife was a dreadful gossip, and by tomorrow night of the village would know their secret. So he removed the treasure from its hiding-place and buried it in his barn, beneath a heap of corn. When the wife came back from the well, he said to her quite gravely, " Tomorrow we shall go to the forest to seek fish; they say there's plenty there at present."" What ! fish in the forest ? " she exclaimed. " of course, " he rejoined; "and you'll see them there " very early next morning he got up, and took some fish, which he had concealed in a basket. He went to the grocers and bought a quantity of sweet cakes. He also caught hare and killed it. The fish and the cakes he disposed of in different parts of the wood, and the hare he hooked on a fishing-line, and then throw it in the river. after breakfast he took his wife with him in the wood, which they had scarcely entered when she found a pike, then a perch, and then a roach, on the ground. which many exclamation of surprise, she gathered up the fish and put them in her basket.Presently they came to a pear-tree , from the branches of which hungs sweet cakes. " See ! " she cried. " cakes on a pear-tree!"Quite natural, " replied he." it has rained the cakes , and some had remained on this tree; travellers have picked up the rest." Continuing their way to the village, they passed near a stream. " Wait a little, " said the husband; " I set my line early this morning, and I'll look if anything is caught on it. " He then pulled in the line, and behold, there was a hare hooked on to it!" How extraordinary! " cries the good wife; " a hare in the water! "" Why, " says he, " don't you know there are hares in the water as well as rats! "" No, indeed, I knew it not."They now returned home, and the wife set about preparing all the nice eatables for supper. In a day or two the laborer learned from the talk of his acquaintances that his finding the treasure was no secret in the village, and in less than a week he was summoned to the castle." Is it true, " says the lord, " that you have found a treasure?"" It is not true, " was the reply." But your wife has told me all. "" My wife does not know what she say-she is mad, my lord. "Hereupon the woman cries, " it is the truth, my lord! he has found a treasure and buried it beneath the floor of our cottage. "" When ?"" On the eve before the day when we went into the forest to look for fish. "" What do you say? "" Yes; it was on the day that it rained cakes. We gathered a basketful of them, and coming home, my husband fished a fine hare out of the river. "My lord declared the woman to be an idiot; Nevertheless the caused his servant to search under the laborer's cottage floor, but nothing was found there, and so the shrewd fellow secured his treasure.

Why chat user addicted to rooms?

My first time in chat room makes me wonder what was behind it. though it creates some excitement how to meet other people around the world but sometimes it's confusing to think that the person you meet is it really the native of that country or just pretending to be one.... As a first timer i am once a prey of these hunter in the jungle and i was lured and addicted to be always soaked in front of the computer every minute of the day my finger got itched to press the key due to the ground that my instinct is to get another new chat mate in the other room and somehow found a man who will beat my heart out LOL which is funny a big risk and dangerous move and one day i encountered a man that i almost fell into it's an odd experienced that makes me crazy until there's some good guy around the chat room sez that in this high tech. era chat room roamed with different people with different personalities they are not who/what really they are in the real world that they live into. this is the place they can express everything they wanted the unlawful behaviour that they cannot do in reality where there's a lot of ? reservation ,they are looking for a prey to make fun with where in real life they are timid and shy seems in their own shell they are prisoner trap to show of their own secret of desires and insanity.Some use it for their own personal business purposes. Behind of this technology they could be weird, pervert, phony and pretender anything sort of personalities they want to portray where they cannot do it in real world. In just a few days i am already aware and cautious what's behind of this chat room site.

Why Filipina women wants to marry a foreigner? Is it for Love or a solution to avoid from POVERTY?

Filipina women are famous for their good traits: patient, loving, understanding and caring with their good appearance and nice personality they have the ability to easily adapt other nations culture... why did i mention this ? because Filipina women are different to other asian women in other words they are unique in many ways. BUT there's also some flaws that we cannot deny and what are those: weakness - money - power and sometimes fame. of course some of these also have in other country but the point is how relevant the issue why filipina choose to marry a foreigner. First of all Rich Filipina women have no inkling to marry a foreigner unless they are really fall in love with the guy who catch their eyes, it does'nt involved money in it, because she already have everything she wants in her entire life, so we are not going to include here the rich and famous filipina. What i am referring for are those filipina, the unfortunate one, who's looking for somebody who could save her from poverty. WHY? now , we are going to analyze every individual story why some filipina became rich...from rags to riches while other's life stagnant from poverty.There's a filipina who was very poor she got married with 3 children her spouse so idle/lazy to find a job. If they have little money from odd jobs the man took his other woman at home. giving nice food for his woman while his hungry wife and children stared at them drooling for such a nice meal. the left over food was given to the wife and kids. That incident always happened until the wife gave up and decided to fix her life with her children she does'nt want to be bullied and treated her as a dirt. She went in the city alone leaving her kids to her relatives. Somebody helped her, she swear not to suffered again from her husband abusive hand. she finds out that the marriage to her former husband was not legal.. to make the story short she got married to a nice foreigner, after a few years she bought a house in a subdivision, luxury car , she sent her children to exclusive school, her life just like a fantasy, she also had the power to say something to her relatives Bad or not it is just because of the money flowing on her hands, it changes sometimes individual attitude?Other filipina lured to marry a foreigner it is just because of POVERTY. In remote areas and provinces. Some were became clubs entertainer in other country, prostitute and other jobs that can easily find a foreigner husband. why? to avoid poverty, foreigner husband is their solution not to get hungry?their aim is to provide a better quality of life for their families, to help their aging parents, brother and sister who seems don't care the consequences that faced by these women who risk their life to raised and send money for their family. A family who are always calling and asking money as if there's a full deep well that can easily get by these unfortunate filipina. Marrying foreigner sometimes is a risk and some of these women take it dangerously just to lift their life from hardship. Some women are LUCKY to get a foreigner husband , some were UNLUCKY they had been despised, receiving abusive words, battered and worst slaughtered. They marry a foreigner maybe because they also like the guy but we cannot deny that it is also a solution to escape from POVERTY. who wants to be a mail-order-bride if you are well off ?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


LALAKI/BABAE Gayuma ba ang hanap niyo?.....kadiri nga lang.
Isa lamang ang gusto kong ibahagi ay ang subok na ginawa ng isang desperadang ginang sa kanyang asawa na bukod sa pagiging Babaero ay malamig ito sa kanya sa pagsapit ng gabi, masungit at mabunganga pa ang lalaki. Nais na nyang hiwalayan ito ngunit nagdalawang isip siya alang-alang sa kanyang 3 anak, nagtiis siya sa piling ng asawa subalit humantong na ito sa pananakit maikling salita naikwento niya ito sa taong me alam at ito'y kanyang tinuruan....ETO ANG KANYANG GAYUMANG VOODOO? EPEKTIBO DIN KAYA SA KASINTAHAN? ang ginawa ng ginang kapag wala ang asawa ay naghuhugas ito ng pwerta at pwet, iniipon niya ito at itinatabi sa lugar na siya lang ang nakakaalam kapag humingi na ng inumin ang lalaki ang pinaghugasan ng kanyang pwerta at pwet ang siya niyang ibinibigay kapag ang lalaking asawa ay kakain , dinuduraan ni Misis ang pagkain nito na lingid sa kaalaman ng lalaki. at ang isa pang pinaka kadiri ay ang MENSTRUATION ni Misis inihahalo niya ito sa kape ni Mister....Himala, Himala Ang dating problemadong Misis ay maluwag ng nakangiti. BAKIT? dahil ang kanyang Mister ay naging malambing, hindi na palasigaw, hindi na nananakit,hindi na nambababae at naging sunod sunuran ito sa kanya. BABALA: huwag ito gawin ng mga asawang me impeksiyon sa dugo. kung maaari ay iwasan. bakit ko ito isiniwalat para maging alerto ang mga taong di nakakaalam sa bagay na ito. Huwag magagalit ang mga taong nakakaalam sa gayumang ito. Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan ay huwag magalit.

ipagpatuloy ang paghanap nasa ibaba ang iba pang kaalaman ng gayuma. click the older posts.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Battle my own destiny , i struggle to survive , a grief misfortune from others bitterness, their great envy, who dared compel to crushed me , bruised till I barely lift my fingertips. I am glad still living, fighting till last of my breath, showing the big mocking GRIN on my face annoying that they won't topple me. I am genuinely happy.

NBN/ZTE deal scam is it real?

The deal Scam gave a lot of trouble and headache to the highest ranking officials of the government including the President husband closest friend?? why did i bring up this subject again, it's been almost forgotten by many filipinos who made stuck their ears wanting to know the real score how the first family once again got involved in this big scandal business. But how many times they thoroughly compelled to dealt to cleaned up their stained names due to their power, money and great contacts with powerful elite of the society, they almost simply achieved what they wanted to erased their bad reputation. The Representatives of the Upper House did everything they could to pinned down the Culprits, they provides every indicated details of the evidence of the said questionable deal but seems the opponents were too smart and powerful to divert the real issues of the Great Scandal, Until the last witness of the NBN/ZTE deal (formerly attached to the government) appeared to the Senate and divulged everything he learned about the deal. I was Stunned, surprised and excited WHY? while the witness was in the hot seat query of the investigation he showed a picture broadcasted in the National Television a picture of one familiar face who was there also present in the said deal together with the son of the former Speaker of the Congress who also happened heard when the First Gentleman said " BACK OFF" referring to the son of the then Speaker of the Lower House of Representatives....No wonder, why this man in the picture is so rich. He is also closed to the first family? but i did'nt know how far he got involved in a lot of business deal?
Is it NBN/ZTE deal scam is real? i should leave this simple question to the readers. for me, i believe it's ???? .
WHY? because the man involved is

PULITIKA sa Kabataan

Ang pulitika ay dapat gawing kabahagi ng bawat tao na magpoprotekta ng karapatan at kaangkinan ng malayang mamamayan na magpapanatili ng tama at kabungahan ng ating pamanang lahi. Ngayon ay ang tamang panahon, hindi bukas, hindi sa ilang napapanahon, ito ang araw na ang ating tamang gawain ay matapos, hindi ang araw ng bukas o taon ng kinabukasan. Ito ang araw na iangkop ang ating sarili sa pinakamalaking pakinabangan ng bukas. Ito ang tamang araw ng panahon ng pagtanim, ngayon ang oras ng gawain,at bukas ay darating ang pag-ani at ang pagsaya. Ang buhay ay masumpungan lamang sa kasalukuyang sandali. Ang nakaraan ay nawawala, ang kinabukasan ay wala pa dito, At kung hindi tayo babalik sa ating sarili sa kasalukuyang sandali hindi natin mapapanatili ang buhay. Ang daan lamang para maging ganap na masiyahan ay ang gawin kung ano ang iyong paniniwala na magandang gawain, at ang daan lamang na gawin ang magandang gawain ay ang mahalin ang iyong ginagawa, kung hindi mo pa nasumpungan , patuloy ang paghanap. Huwag ipagpatuloy ang trabaho na di ka nasisiyahan Kung masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, gusto mo ang iyong sarili, at meron kang pangloob na kapayapaan, at kung meron ka niyan kasama ng iyong katawang pangkalusugan mas matagumpay ka kesa sa iyong hinagap o iniisip. Ang pagkabigo ng isang tao ay ang kanyang pagkakamali subalit ito ay hindi kabayaran tungo sa pagkakaroon ng karanasan. Ang pagkakaiba ng matagumpay na tao at ng iba ay hindi ang kakulangan ng lakas , hindi ang kakulangan ng kaalaman, kung hindi ito ay ang kakulangan sa pagsusumikap at pagpupursige. Ang tagumpay ay kabuuan ng maliit na pagsusumikap na paulit-ulit sa araw araw. Merong iisang tagumpay lamang na kayang gugulin ng buhay ng isang tao sa kanyang sariling pamamaraan. Gumawa ng malaking plano, maghangad ng mataas na pag-asa at magtrabaho. Hanapin ang lahat sa ibabaw kung saan ang laro ng buhay ay karapat-dapat laruin. Kapag nahanap na ang laro ay laruin ito ng lubos. Maglaro na para bang ang iyong buhay at katinuan ay nakaasa dito. Para maging matagumpay, Ang unang gawin ay ang ibigin ang iyong trabaho.


Ang pagod ay sanhi ng mabigat na sobrang pagtatrabaho na maaaring iwasan , sa bawat problema ay parating merong kasagutan kung susundin ang mga sumusunod.

Talaan - ihanda ang uunahing gawin sa araw-araw. Mas mabuting alam mo kung paano ayusin ang oras at gawain. Ito ay makakatulong na maiwasan ang naka-ambang na dagdag gawain. Ito ay magseserbisyong paalaala at taga-akay kung ano pa ang gagawin para bukas.
Suriin ang uunahing gawin - kung alam mo ang uri ng iyong trabaho dapat mo ring alam kung ano ang iyong uunahin. Upang di palagi makagawa ng pagkakamali o madoble ang gawain at
kung hindi natin direktang nasuri ang uunahin. Ang pagsusuri ay makakatulong na matapos at maiabot sa huling sandali na kailangan matapos at magawa ang gawain ng tama na walang pagmamadali.
Mahalaga rin na alam mo ang huling sandali. liban sa paggawa ng iyong trabaho, ang pagtapos sa naunang gawain ay mahalaga para masagutan ang iba pang trabaho na naka-imbak sa iyo. Ang ibang tao ay hindi madaling maiangat sa kinalalagyan dahil sila ay tamad sa pagsagot sa pangangailngan na isinalarawan ng kanilang trabaho. At ang paggawa ng kanilang tungkulin sa tamang oras.
Bago simulan ang iyong araw sa trabaho. tignan muna kung ano ang uunahing gawin. Suriin kung paano gawin ang iyong trabaho na nakatala. Mas makakabuti na itama uli ang iyong talaan kung me pagkakataon na nalimutan ang iyong gagawin, ito ay pangkaraniwan sa ating lahat. kailangan laging handa.
Panatilihin ang iyong magandang aura, Kahit na me personal kang suliranin na naani sa nagdaang araw, kailangan laging positibo at bigyan ang sarili ng presensiya ng pa-iisip, huwag hayaang ang trabaho ay maapektuhan o masira ng dahil sa problemang dala dala mo.
Hindi ka dapat nagmamadali kapag ikaw ay abala sa trabaho hanggang ikaw ay nakatuon sa trabaho, ang trabaho ay dapat laging umaagos na makinis at detalyado. ang mabigat na pagtatrabaho na walang pagmamadali ay di nakakapagod.
Ang pagtapos o pagbuo ng araw ng trabaho ay ang pinakamahalagang bagay na magawa bago umalis sa bakuran ng pinagtatrabahuan. ito ay tila pagsusuri kung gaano mo natapos ang iyong trabaho sa buong araw, sa ganyang paraan kaya mong suriin ang iyong nagawa at kung iniisip mo na nagawa mo ng tama , ito ay isang tagumpay sa iyong sarili.
Isipin ang maaaring daan para maging matagumpay sa bawat bagay na ating ginagawa, ang tagumpay ay nakasalalay kung paano natin harapin ang mga pagsubok, sa katotohanan, ibig sabihin ay kailangan malusutan para mabuhay kailangan nating pangalagaan ang bawat bagay na meron tayo.