Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why Filipina women wants to marry a foreigner? Is it for Love or a solution to avoid from POVERTY?

Filipina women are famous for their good traits: patient, loving, understanding and caring with their good appearance and nice personality they have the ability to easily adapt other nations culture... why did i mention this ? because Filipina women are different to other asian women in other words they are unique in many ways. BUT there's also some flaws that we cannot deny and what are those: weakness - money - power and sometimes fame. of course some of these also have in other country but the point is how relevant the issue why filipina choose to marry a foreigner. First of all Rich Filipina women have no inkling to marry a foreigner unless they are really fall in love with the guy who catch their eyes, it does'nt involved money in it, because she already have everything she wants in her entire life, so we are not going to include here the rich and famous filipina. What i am referring for are those filipina, the unfortunate one, who's looking for somebody who could save her from poverty. WHY? now , we are going to analyze every individual story why some filipina became rich...from rags to riches while other's life stagnant from poverty.There's a filipina who was very poor she got married with 3 children her spouse so idle/lazy to find a job. If they have little money from odd jobs the man took his other woman at home. giving nice food for his woman while his hungry wife and children stared at them drooling for such a nice meal. the left over food was given to the wife and kids. That incident always happened until the wife gave up and decided to fix her life with her children she does'nt want to be bullied and treated her as a dirt. She went in the city alone leaving her kids to her relatives. Somebody helped her, she swear not to suffered again from her husband abusive hand. she finds out that the marriage to her former husband was not legal.. to make the story short she got married to a nice foreigner, after a few years she bought a house in a subdivision, luxury car , she sent her children to exclusive school, her life just like a fantasy, she also had the power to say something to her relatives Bad or not it is just because of the money flowing on her hands, it changes sometimes individual attitude?Other filipina lured to marry a foreigner it is just because of POVERTY. In remote areas and provinces. Some were became clubs entertainer in other country, prostitute and other jobs that can easily find a foreigner husband. why? to avoid poverty, foreigner husband is their solution not to get hungry?their aim is to provide a better quality of life for their families, to help their aging parents, brother and sister who seems don't care the consequences that faced by these women who risk their life to raised and send money for their family. A family who are always calling and asking money as if there's a full deep well that can easily get by these unfortunate filipina. Marrying foreigner sometimes is a risk and some of these women take it dangerously just to lift their life from hardship. Some women are LUCKY to get a foreigner husband , some were UNLUCKY they had been despised, receiving abusive words, battered and worst slaughtered. They marry a foreigner maybe because they also like the guy but we cannot deny that it is also a solution to escape from POVERTY. who wants to be a mail-order-bride if you are well off ?


Sittie Norhaya Mindalano said...

why can you say like this???
have you experienced to found a Filippina woman but just used you to let her escaped from poverty??

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