Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why chat user addicted to rooms?

My first time in chat room makes me wonder what was behind it. though it creates some excitement how to meet other people around the world but sometimes it's confusing to think that the person you meet is it really the native of that country or just pretending to be one.... As a first timer i am once a prey of these hunter in the jungle and i was lured and addicted to be always soaked in front of the computer every minute of the day my finger got itched to press the key due to the ground that my instinct is to get another new chat mate in the other room and somehow found a man who will beat my heart out LOL which is funny a big risk and dangerous move and one day i encountered a man that i almost fell into it's an odd experienced that makes me crazy until there's some good guy around the chat room sez that in this high tech. era chat room roamed with different people with different personalities they are not who/what really they are in the real world that they live into. this is the place they can express everything they wanted the unlawful behaviour that they cannot do in reality where there's a lot of ? reservation ,they are looking for a prey to make fun with where in real life they are timid and shy seems in their own shell they are prisoner trap to show of their own secret of desires and insanity.Some use it for their own personal business purposes. Behind of this technology they could be weird, pervert, phony and pretender anything sort of personalities they want to portray where they cannot do it in real world. In just a few days i am already aware and cautious what's behind of this chat room site.

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